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Monday, February 20, 2023

New Podcast: Nullius in Verba

Together with my co-host Smriti Mehta we've started a new podcast: Nullius in Verba. It's a podcast about science - what it is, and what it could be. The introduction episode is up now, and new episodes will be released every other week starting this friday!

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We will release episodes on friday every other week (starting this friday). Topics in the first episodes are inspired by aphorisms in Francis Bacon's 'Novum Organum' (the galleon in our logo comes from the title page of his 1620 book, where it is passing between the mythical Pillars of Hercules that stand either side of the Strait of Gibraltar, which have been smashed through by Iberian sailors, opening a new world for exploration and marking the exit from the well-charted waters of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic Ocean. Bacon hoped that empirical investigation will similarly smash the old scientific ideas and lead to greater understanding of nature and the world.

As we explain in the introduction, the title of the podcast comes from the motto of the Royal Society. 

Our logo is set in typeface Kepler by Robert Slimbach. Our theme song is Newton’s Cradle by Grandbrothers. You see we are going all in on subtle science references.

We hope you'll enjoy listening along as we discuss themes like confirmation bias, skepticism, eminence, the 'itch to publish' and in the first episode, the motivations to do science.

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